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Adventure games are among the most unique of any game. They don't fit into any one category or genre, and oftentimes they'll fit into several genres at once. The only real prerequisite for a game to be an adventure game is that it must take you on an adventure. What makes an adventure? Exploration. You could say part of the thrill of an adventure game is discovering new worlds. You're not one to take orders, stand in line, or follow everybody else. You were made to forge your own path, adventurer! These games are all about journeying to interesting places, getting in a bit of trouble, and confronting your fears!

Thus, an adventure game could be anything. So, we're hoping we found some decent games that will take you on a fictional adventure. If you're ready for a list of games that will do just that, here are our picks for the best adventure games.

One of our favorite features of this free adventure games category is the freedom to roam. Tired of playing in a fixed environment? You don't have to worry about that in this category. If you want to go somewhere new, just wander off and see where your own road takes you! You never know what crazy new places you may come across in your travels.

Forget everything that's going on in the world and lose yourself in the excitement and mystery of these best adventure games. Even the longest and most epic of journeys must eventually come to an end, of course. After you've seen the world and fought in plenty of battles, you will finally find your way back home. What's the first thing you'll do – plop on your bed and sleep for a week? That's not what a true adventurer would do. A true adventurer would get out their map, pack their bag, and head onto the next thing! This category is filled with one amazing story after another. Go find yours. We'll be here when you get back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best free online adventure games?

If you are really want to play the best online adventure games for free then you are at the right place. We have listed down some of the best free-to-play adventure games for you. 

  • Bounce Ball
  • Subway Surfer
  • Monkey Banana Jump

Are adventure games addictive?

Yes, adventure games are the most addictive games. They are a cross mix of action and adventure. So, if you are playing ad adventure games, certainly you will enjoy the action as well.



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