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Players may take control of a helicopter and fly over the skies in the Helicopter Games, which are action games. The most difficult and entertaining online flying games of all time, including the rotorcraft aircraft that everyone is familiar with and enjoys playing. In one of our free helicopter shooting games, you may fly in one of a variety of choppers or select an army helicopter and launch rockets to defend your home nation.

Helicopters are often used for emergency transport, particularly in metropolitan areas, by the police, firemen, and hospitals. Operate as a virtual police helicopter and save people on every level you encounter. Become a professional pilot and complete thrilling missions in the top helicopter games on Hola games.

So strap yourself into the cockpit of your favorite helicopter games and go on a rescue mission, handle a crowded airport's landing strip, or just fly some fun army missions and destroy military targets to pass the time. Those who want to make a new high score in our online helicopter games must be brave and quick. Here at, you can have a blast playing the finest free helicopter games!

What Do We Offer in These Exciting Helicopter Games?

Helicopter browser games are available in a variety of themes and adventures. Some helicopter games have realistic 3D visuals and enable you to participate in lethal aerial warfare. Others are more casual in nature. Other helicopter games combine arcade platform-style gameplay, vintage visuals, and side-scrolling flying mayhem in a fun side-scrolling environment. It doesn't matter what genre you play, helicopter games are a tonne of fun and provide an entirely different sort of experience than other driving or vehicle simulation games.


We just couldn't provide the action genre without adding helicopter simulator games as part of it. If you want to be able to feel the weight of the helicopter, the slapping of the wind against the fuselage, and the g-forces generated by every daring move, then simulators are an absolute requirement. Expect to be challenged, though, since they may be really difficult! In order to make it more realistic, it won't just be a case of "click to fly." Instead, you'll be tasked with operating a variety of military-style controls and equipment, so prepare yourself!


Those of us who play video games have far too much heat in our blood to just fly about an empty sky and enjoy the ride. Most of all, we need gunplay, which is why we have included helicopter fighting games in our selection. The fact that it is carrying twin missile launchers and machine guns may make her feel a bit heavier than normal when she takes off. You won't have to be concerned with things like wind direction or landing approach angles in this game; instead, you'll have to worry about swarms of adversaries attacking you. Shoot them down, remain alive, and take home the victory on that airborne battleground.

Not Quite Ready to Take Off?

Let’s get playing online helicopter games that need you to obtain high scores since they serve as a wonderful transition between helicopter war games and helicopter simulators. Avoid mountains, opponents, and other dangers as you pile up scores, seek for tokens, and even pick up power-ups in this action-packed adventure. Make it as far as you possibly can and rack up a fantastic score. Then go ahead and beat it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best helicopter flight simulator?

We believe the best helicopter flight simulator is Helicopter Rescue because it has multiple modes for you to choose from and it is compatible with PC and Mobile.

What is a helicopter game?

A helicopter game is a type of first-person-shoot-'em up arcade game. It is usually played on a virtual reality headset, where the player controls one or more helicopters that fly above and around 3D landscapes.


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