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What are anime games? We are sure you might have never tried to understand the meaning of the term. It is a game genre based on Japanese comics and story characters. However, there are now various games that come under this category that include games with lots of animations as well. 

At Hola Games, we have a large collection of anime games that includes some fighting games as well as Manga games. You have to perform a lot of actions together to clear the level, so be ready to be a part of the anime world while enjoying online gaming. 

Prison School Anime

This is a challenging game that involves anime characters. These characters are locked in school prison, and you have to make sure they find their escape without getting caught by the guards. The game involves a good plan and timing, so, for a prison break, be ready to make the right move.

Anime Puzzle Manga

As the name suggests, the game is about solving puzzles. Here you will get different puzzles to solve. These anime puzzles will have one hidden manga character. You have to reveal that character by joining all pieces of the puzzle in perfect order. So, are you up for a puzzle-solving challenge? Then play an online Anime Puzzle Manga game now.

Anime Mad Cars

Anime mad cars is a tricky game to play in the anime series. Though it appears quite an easy game, when you play, you will get the challenges. You will see two cars on your screen and a road with lots of hurdles. You have to control both cars simultaneously, avoiding obstacles. The catch is both cars move in opposite directions to each other. So handling them won’t be as easy as it looks.

So, are you ready to be a part of the anime world? Play Anime games online at hola games and explore versatile games in this category. From action and shooting to story and puzzle-solving, we have all kinds of games in this genre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any good anime game?

There are a lot of anime games online that will give you unlimited fun. We have various addictive anime games for you.

  • Prison School Anime
  • Anime Mad Cars
  • Anime Puzzle Manga

What are anime games?

Anime games are mostly those that were based on Japanese comic characters. These games are having stories portraying manga characters. You can find action games, adventure games, shooting, racing games in this category. 





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