Memory Games

Memory Games stretch your thinking and make you test your brain up to a limit. You have to be sharp and attentive while playing these games. We have an extensive collection of free online memory games in which you can play with cards, alphabets, Pokemon, etc., to have fun. You can teach your kids some mind-boosting games which they’ll enjoy rather than being bored. We have games that are free to play and are pretty interactive. Just pay attention to the details and BINGO!

Free Online Memory Games for Kids and Adults

Pixel Memory

This memory game is easy to play. You have to keep an eye on detail and find the matching cards to clear the level. It can be played with the mouse, and no download is required. It is a super interactive memory game that your kids can play online. As the level gets up, the number of cards also increases. 

Alphabet Memory Game

This memory game is for kids who want to learn Alphabets. The best way to teach your kids is to play with them. The Game has four modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Learning. In Learning mode, you can tap on the Alphabet and hear its sound, while in all other modes, you have to match the similar alphabets while hearing the sound of them as well. This way, you can try easy first and then go to the hard when you’re prepared. Pass each level and have fun!

Fish Memory - Kids Learning Games

As the name suggests, it is a free online memory game in which you have to match the fish to pass the level. It also has four modes: Learning, Easy, Normal, and Hard. In Learning mode, you will find different fishes that you must match in the other three modes. 

Pokemon Memory Match Up

Who knew we could play Pokemon on our mobiles for free and improve our memory with it. This online Pokemon Game is super fun and interactive. To win the levels, you have to match all the Pokemon to their similar faces. As you move up, you’ll find the levels difficult, and the number of puzzles will increase. Play with Pikachu, Misty, Ash Ketchum, and Brock and improve your memory. You can also turn the cards and see which pokemon/ character is there on the other side to match with the pair. 

These are just a few online memory games that will nurture and sharpen your brain while having fun with kids. As you play and go to different levels, you’ll find more challenges with the puzzles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What games can I play to improve memory?

There are many free online memory games for kids and adults, but we suggest you play Pixel Memory Game so that you can pay attention to every detail and train your brain simultaneously. 

What are the best online memory games for kids?

The best to teach kids is to make them play with words and alphabets. We suggest you play Alphabet Memory Game in which they’ll learn the basic Alphabets and how they are pronounced. 


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