Super Fun Online Stickman Games For You

Stickman games have emerged to success within the last few years. They have gained great popularity among online gamers. We know how much you love playing online stickman games, and therefore, we collected a list of all-time favorite stickman games that involves action, parkour stunts, and shooting. Our online stickman games category has action-packed games where the player gets the feel of a battlefield, shooting with a wide range of weapons of mass destruction, and also he/she can perform parkour stunts. So, if you are in love with playing stickman and shooting games online, then you are on the right page.

Stickman Escape Parkour

One of the most entertaining and challenging games is Stickman Escape Parkour. The game is based on science fiction, where scientists have created a creature that can do a wide range of parkour stunts. The creature now wants to escape from the lab, but for that, it has to dodge a lot of obstacles. So help the creature in escaping by playing this stunt-based parkour game online.

Stickman Army Battle

Stickman Army Team Battle is one of the most strategic army games. The game is about leading a stickman army and defeating the enemy forces. You are the commanding officer, and your stickman army soldiers have various characteristics and weapons. You have to make tactics and decide attacks and defense. The game has multiple levels, and after defeating the other army, you will be able to clear each level. 

Stickman Peacekeeper

Sometimes to keep the peace, you have to take up the weapons. Stickman Peacekeeper is one of the most played stickman shooting games. Your task is to keep the enemy forces at bay. For that, kill each enemy with your destructive weapons. The game has exciting gameplay, and with each new wave, the difficulty will rise.

Stickman Merge 2

Again a shooting game, where you have to aim at the targets and shoot them accurately. The game is simple yet challenges your aiming skills. Therefore, be steady with your mouse and pointing skills to score well in the game.

If you are a true stickman games fan, then we are sure you will have a good time playing these games. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are online stickman games?

The online stickman games genre is gaining popularity with time. These games are funny and just like others games but the only difference is that you get a stick-like figure while playing these games.

Why are stickman games so popular?

The reason for the popularity of stickman games lies within various factors. These games do not have human or animal-shaped characters, just simple stick characters due to which users enjoy a lot more creative elements in the game. Another reason for its popularity is that stickman games are comprised of almost all types of games, you can find shooting, sports, car racing, adventure, etc categories altogether in the stickman games genre.


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