Greatest Collection Of Online Cricket Games

It is time to swing your arms, and hit some sixes, and take the opponent’s wickets. We are here with some awesome on-field action of cricket. Be ready to experience the entertainment and fun of cricket virtually at Hola Games. If you are a true cricket fan, our games won’t disappoint you. You will get the chance to hit sixes, take wickets and help your team to win matches. So, if you are ready for the cricket action, and trust your timing skills, then check out our new cricket games online for free. 

Relive the Fun Of Playing Street Cricket

Are you ready to take on the fun of cricket on the streets? Then this addictive game is the right choice for you. Street Cricket is a test of your timings. Players will get a target to achieve in a certain number of balls. To hit boundaries, you have to time your shot perfectly; that is the only way to score runs. So, play this challenging cricket game to see how far you can go. 

Ultimate Cricket Tournament Is Waiting For You

One of the best cricket games is here to give you a mind-blowing cricket experience on your PC and mobiles. Super Cricket game is for all cricket lovers who are always ready to take on the challenges. This online free cricket game gives you a chance to pick your favorite team to achieve the required score. 

This online cricket game offers you several game modes. You can opt for quick play, word cup tournament or can play a one on one challenge. So, ask your friends and family to join you in this super fun sports game online. 

Time Your Shots and Be A Cricket Hero 

Does the game of cricket excite you? It is time to take the bat in hand and become the Cricket hero. It is an entertaining and light game. All you have to do is strike as many balls as possible. The intensity and difficulty will increase with each passing level. So be ready and do not miss any ball; otherwise, you will end up falling into a pit. 

Be the Cricket Star of The Night

Are you ready to smash some fours and sixes and send balls out of the ground? Then play Cricket Stars online for free. This interesting cricket game will take your excitement to the next level. You have to achieve a score by timing the ball perfectly. It is one of the most challenging cricket games of all time. You will face different types of deliveries that will make hitting boundaries a tough job for you. So, show your hitting skills with Cricket Star, one of the best online cricket games ever. 

Hola Games gives you the chance to play online cricket games for free on your PC and mobile phones. Therefore, if you love this bat and ball game, then explore all our cricket games online now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best online cricket game?

Super Cricket is one of the best free-to-play online cricket games. In this game, you will get a chance to play international cricket tournaments, practice sessions, and a lot more. Controls are quite easy and you will enjoy it for sure.

Why online cricket games are popular among kids?

Online cricket games have generated popularity a lot among kids and youngsters as players can enjoy playing a cricket match on their phones and tablets. Without getting tired they get all the fun on their screens. 


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