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Searching for Zoo games online which are suitable for your kids? You are on the right page. Hola Games has the best collection of online zoo games where children find cute zoo animals. The games under our Zoo games category will give your kids a chance to visit a zoo where they find friendly animals. You can find monkeys, bears, gorillas, and other funny zoo animals. So, be ready to feel the excitement and fun of meeting the cute lovely animals in their natural habitat.

Zoo Boom 3D

Play this cute online animal game where you have to match similar animals and break the boxes. There are tigers, elephants, snakes, and many more zoo animals in the game who are waiting for you. The game is simple yet fun to play. You just have to tap and break the cubes. The more cubes you break, the more points you will score. So, are you ready for the challenge? Play Zoo Boom 3D game now on your mobile and PC devices.

Zoo Hunt - Memory

Here comes the challenge for you. Match the pairing cards in minimum attempt to clear the level. You will be having a complete zoo on your plate. The game will have different cards revealing different animals. You have to pair similar animals by remembering their position. If you can do this successfully, you will clear the level, otherwise be ready to play again. Be the king of the zoo by clearing all the levels in minimum attempts. This game will certainly demand you to hone your memorizing skills. Have a happy gaming. 

Zoo Slings

Do you want to help cute animals reach the basket safely? Here is a chance for you. In this game you have to help animals to land in a basket dodging obstacles on their way. The game is based on logic and you have to use your aiming skills as well. If you fail, then your cute animal falls down. So, aim perfectly to make sure you can successfully help the animals land safely in the basket. The game has intriguing graphics and jungle outlook that will surely give you a good gaming experience.

Zoo Pinball

Zoo Pinball is one of the most played games in this category. This game is based on the Zoo theme, where you have to score as many points as possible by hitting those drums at different places. You need keen and sharp key pressing skills in order to keep the ball in the right places. So, relieve the magic of pinball with zoo themes among the animals. 

There are more enticing games in our collection made for all age audiences. You will have a complete zoo experience playing our online animal zoo games. Find yourself among the animals and get all the exciting zoo animals around you on your screen. Don’t miss the chance to get entertained along with learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are zoo games?

Online zoo games are for those who love animals. These games are having funny animals that usually we find in zoo. In online zoo games, player will find scenarios depicting a zoo or forest in the background.

What is the purpose of Zoo games?

Zoo game category is majorly for kids. In these games, kids will see animals in their funny avatar. Kids insteas of getting scared of animals, will start loving them more.


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