Zoo Pinball Game

Meet an amazingly inventive and simple Zoo pinball game. Nonstop fun game and helps you to sharpen your brain. This is completely one handheld gameplay and will change your perspective about the Zoo games. 

Why you’ll love the Zoo pinball game

  • This game is suitable for all ages.
  • Easy to play, you can control the pinball with one finger.
  • You can play Zoo games at no cost anytime and anywhere on your phone.
  • Single-mode game, challenge you for a higher score.
  • The graphics are stunning with a unique soundtrack.
  • The Zoo game is completely based on the Zoo theme. You will see multiple characters like Lion, Tiger, Hippo etc.

Controls in-game

  • This game will provide you with a metallic ball.
  • You need to stretch and hold the ball on the screen to score loads of points.
  • You will get three chances to play and to get a higher score.
  • The longer you keep the ball in play the higher you score in a Pinball game.
  • Never let the ball reach the bottom, or the game is over.

Say goodbye to the boredom and take a break from all work. It’s time to play and enjoy an outstanding game that relieves you from all your stress. 


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