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The dead have woken up from their graves and now roaming in streets to chew your flesh, only the braves can save this planet from undead monsters. So, you now have a chance to be a savior of the world and become a hero or to get eaten by the living dead.

Zombies games have become a popular game genre. These games are largely based on shooting and survival strategies. Players either have to kill or save themselves from getting killed by these flesh-eaters. Keeping the rising demands for such games, we have come up with handpicked online zombie gun games. Play the best zombie games online from our collection.

Zombie Sniper

The walking dead are roaming on streets and biting the humans, turning them into zombies. You are the chosen one who can save this world from becoming a planet of cannibals. Shoot each zombie with your sniper and save this planet. Remember, it is already a zombie apocalypse, you don't have ample of ammo, be precise with your aiming otherwise be ready to be killed by them.

Zombie Survival

Unlike other zombie shooting and killing games, here you have to save the zombie from falling off the platform. There are certain boxes under the zombie, tap to remove them from the screen. You have to be careful with the bounce or otherwise zombie fall of the platform. So, are you ready for this skill test game of zombies?

Saw Zombie

Here is the chance to not just kill a zombie but blast it off or kill it with a saw blade. The game is just tapping and playing. There are dynamite boxes and a saw blade. The boom of dynamite results in saw blade movement that will kill the zombie. So, you can see how easy it is to kill a zombie in virtual life. So, enjoy this light and fun game of zombie killing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most realistic zombie game?

Zombie sniper is one of the most realistic Zombie games you can enjoy at Hola Games. The game helps you to live your dream life of killing zombies and saving everyone from the Zombie apocalypse. So, if you are really interested in zombie killing games, play Zombie sniper at Hola Games. 

Are Zombie games really popular?

Most gamers love playing online zombie games. In fact, it is one of the weirdest dreams of gamers to be in a position where they can kill zombies ruthlessly. These games provide them a chance where they can be a hero.


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