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Slime is a squishy, gooey, and oozy material most of the time green in color. You must have seen slime on various arts and craft shows and might have played with it as well. We have come up with online slime games that are funny, smelly, and stinky too at times. So are you ready to be a part of this slime world with our most popular slime games of all time?

Play Slime Pizza Online

Slime Pizza is an online slime game where you are a greeny squishy creature stuck in a factory. You have to help it out by sticking to various objects. This game is a logical one. YOu have to use your logical skills in order to pass all the levels. If you have good puzzle solving and logical thinking skills then use them here and collect all pieces of pizza. Good luck! And have happy gaming.

Super Pixel Slime

This is one of the best slime auto performer games where you just have to do tap or click to make actions. However, you have to be good with your clicking skills. There are 40 levels in the game where you have to twist and jump to dodge the obstacles and reach the end of each level. Challenge your gaming skills by playing Super Pixel Slime.

Alien Slime

The world of slime is in danger and green alien slime is the last hope. Would you like to help this small pixelated slime in reaching the sword to protect its world? Play as green slime and move through various difficult paths in order to reach the sword. Remember you only have 20 seconds to reach your sword, otherwise, your game will be over. So, be ready to play this fantastic and exhilarating slime game online on your mobile and PC. 

Slime Attack

Your headquarter is in danger, the gooey force is on its way to attack it. YOur only chance to save your HQ is by smashing them with your tap or click. They are unlimited in number, let’s see how far can you go and protect yourself from attack. Play slime attack game and tap as much as you can on slime forces to kill and stop them from attacking your headquarter. 

So, are you excited to play these online slime games? If yes, then what are you waiting for, pick your own game and start playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the slime game free?

All slime games at Hola Games are free. You don't have to use your money to play these games. Moreover, there is no need to download or install these games as we provide an instant play option on all mobile and PC devices.

How did Slime games get popular?

As you all know about slime, a gooey liquid usually one can get from the art and craft market, makers of online slime games used the same concept and gave a completely new angle to slime. They used slime and made created various challenges in them. 



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