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Love playing Vampire games? Here they are, find the best online vampire games that can be played on your mobile phones and PC. Our vampire games include the characters directly from the best comics on vampires. You will find monsters, Dracula, Frankenstein, blood-thirsty Vampires. Some of the games are based on protecting yourself from vampires and killing them, then we have a game where you find different vampires and Dracula and you have to color them. Likewise, we have games where players have to perform different actions. So, find the most played vampire games online in one place. 

Most Played Vampire Games Online For You


Long ago, there was a village where village people and Frankenstein monster company lived with complete disharmony. Village people were on a rampage of killing Dracula, Frankenstein, and Werewolves even when they were not hurting them. So, one fine night, Frankenstein and company decided to take revenge on villagers. In this game, you play as Frankenstein, Dracula, etc and you have to kill villagers who are after you.


Here comes the most played dress-up and makeup game of vampires. The Halloween Vampire Couple game is not based on killing and taking revenge, rather you just have to help the Disney couple to dress up and make up like vampires for their Halloween night. This costume makeover game is most loved by girls. So, play it and dress the couple in cute vampire costumes. 


Have you ever witnessed monsters playing a basketball game? Of Course not, but in this game, you will find the most gruesome monsters like Frankenstein, Skeleton, Three-Eyed, and many more coming together and playing a basketball match. Sounds less spooky and more sporty? Then be ready to play basketball by becoming one of the monsters. Basket Monsterz is a game under the vampire genre but a fun and entertaining online sports game.

Want Some More Online Vampire Games

Don’t go anywhere else, we are having many other Vamp games for you. Play the most loved monster and vampire games of all time on Hola Games for free. You don’t indulge in the hassle of downloading these games. You can directly play them on all internet browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online Vampire Games Free?

Yes, at Hola Games, we have amazing list of online vampire and dracula games. You can play all the games free at any mobile and PC device.

Are these vampire games suitable for kids?

All the vampire games at Hola Games are suitable for any age group includong kids. There are no violence or blood in these games. We have made these games for fun and enjoyment. Therefore, kids can play these games as well.


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