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A funny adventure game for all the players with a lot of smooth worms. Try the trending game where you explore your talents in multiple directions. The little worm is one of the biggest platforms for games where you can play and share with your friends and close ones. In Holagame, you always find the newest and updated version of the worm game. Learn how to score points and beat the worm in the gaming arena! Any player from all over the world can join and play. We also have multiplayer options in various games for your ease. Win the battles and collect unique rewards in the online worm games.

Enjoy the newest game and gather the food as much as possible for the hungry worm. Complete the missions and unlock the latest worm skins with your skills and tactics—Slithers, warm skins, Meme Skins, Emoji Skins, anime skins, etc. Our worm hunt game is free and works great on any mobile device. Easy to find intuitive touch screen controls that help you to play anytime. 

New Worms and Slither Games at Holagames

Step in the most addictive gameplay and beat the other players to reach the top list. A challenging game, but we know you can handle and win it. Experience a new way of snake zone warm together with your favorite snake worms in the best ever warm game. Start growing your worm now and play the ultimate online snake game.

Effing Worms 2 New Snake Game

A fun, dynamic gameplay with really cool graphics. You need to extinguish the hunger of the worm. Eat the running snails, earn points, and become the great champion of the arena. Do you think it’s hard? Not at all, rules are too simple - explore the arena and eat all the food you see. There is a time limit to complete the task. Play this addicting online snake blast game in a new competitive version of snake.

Apple Worm

A unique game that eats apples to grow. One-touch gameplay and control remain all in your hand—a simple movement with a new casual version of playing. Survive as long as you can in the dynamic environment and play snake-like fun games. Eat & Fight and go to the next level. Use tips & tricks and try new challenging games.

Monster Under Ground

The best underground game where you smash all the enemies present on the ground. Worm Aren 3D game to improve the moving skills. Eat the yummy enemies and unlock levels, missions, and allies. Let’s join in this battle & defeat players all around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the snake worm game suitable for android devices?

Yes, of course, you can play our game anytime and at any location on multiple android devices and even PCS or tablets.

Where can we find new snake games?

At is one of the popular sites for new updated games. Search and play many new games.


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