Baby Panda Game

Hey guys! It's vacation time, and we brought you the sweetest panda game ever! This innovative and exclusive game will create a lot of curiosity to play. This is an all-in-one game that will give you the experience of cooking food, fighting like a samurai, and many more. Once you start the game, there is no way to stop. In the era of babies, panda games explore the mythical world and solve hundreds of epic game levels. Work smart and fulfill all your dreams of playing panda games at the holagame site.

Topmost Games at Holagames

Little Panda Cooking Food

Baby pandas love food and decided to prepare delicious food with the new creative skills. Sweet or salty? Spicy or bitter? All it's up to the panda. So the panda went to the brand new food city. There are all kinds of items in the market for pandas to shop. Collect the food, juice, candy, oden in the updated market and enjoy the dish with mind blowing ingredient.

Panda Commander Air Combat 3D Game

The panda air strike game is created for all the ideal fans of airplane shooting games. Fly across the border and attack all the airstrike enemies in the game. The game will provide you with more spaceships to choose from. Skilled operation is very important to destroy the enemy's spaceship. Plan your battle strategy and upgrade the spaceship to protect yourself from the enemies. 

Samurai Panda

The heroic ninja fighting is an adventurous game. All the enemies have different behavior to fight, you have to choose the suitable fighting style accordingly to defeat the enemies. You will see the new weapons with wonderful strategies. Avoid all the dangerous traps and kill them all below of your sword blade.

Kung Fu Panda Hidden

Kung Fu Panda is based on the theme of hidden objects. The most right game for all the gamers. This game will test your observation and detective skills. A specified image will allow you to find the hidden stars in the secretive game like a detective. You will get the best finding experience on the spot of the differences.

Panda Bubble Mania

We have a huge variety of bubble pandas and animal games. Get the help of your panda friend and match the line of the same colors. Solve the amazing brain teaser and show your shooting, smash, blast, pop ball skills in the game. This game will go with you and make you happy no matter where you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I learn from panda games?

You learn a lot of new things like cooking, and fighting skills. This game will train you in so many ways so that you not only remain engaged in the game but also enjoy each new step and level.

Which one is the best game?

All the games are best in their own way. But Panda Bubble Mania will be a fun-loving game for all the players.


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