About Monkey Banana Jump

Monkey Banana Jump is a jumping game about a super hungry monkey who wants to eat as many bananas as possible. You need to help him jump over platforms and collect maximum bananas. The Monkey Banana Jump game has really colorful and interactive graphics that you'll definitely love. You even get special bonuses like watermelon and apple to climb the forest canopy higher and gain higher scores! Everything about this game is amazing. That's what makes it one of the best action-adventure games of all time.Β 

While hopping from one platform to another and goblin up the bananas, beware of the mean jungle bats! The bats are out on the hunt, and you must dodge them to stay in the game at all costs. All this said, we are sure you'll win every level and gain maximum score in this epic Monkey Banana Jump game.Β 

How to play?

Once the Monkey Banana Jump game starts, the monkey will start hopping his way up. You need to move him left or right to gobble all the bananas on the way. Once you have reached some height, you'll see a lightning bolt at the bottom. Just tap or click on it to fling the monkey hundreds of feet upwards. Just don't forget to collect maximum bananas along your way up. You can also gobble a watermelon to jump into a shield and be really unstoppable! This adventure game is extremely fun to play, and everyone loves it. Try to gain the maximum points and challenge your friends to beat your top score. All the best!

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