About Bounce Ball

You remember playing The Bounce Ball game as a kid on your Nokia phone, right? The time when you would spend hours trying to reach the maximum level in this super fun adventure game. In Bounce Ball, you get to experience all the great adventures. Whether you are trying to cross the narrow paths, skipping over the deadly enemies, or just trying to complete the level. The Bounce Ball game offers you the best action-packed experience ever. So, are you ready to start this adventure game? Let's go!

How to play?

The game is all about rolling and hopping the ball through the end of each level. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, that's not exactly true. There are a few things that you need to keep hold of throughout the levels in the game. You have to keep rolling, jumping, and even swim across all kinds of obstacles in the way while jumping through hoops. Note that while some of the Bounce Ball game features are there to help you, some are meant to do the opposite. Be very careful of the deadly spike-like obstacles on your way. Little poke from them, and BAM!, the ball will burst into tiny pieces, and game over!

Don't take it too casually. Know that you're walking into a pretty dangerous world. You'll face various deadly enemies who are there to take you out. There are giant axes, spiky pillars, and even rotating blades. You have to keep the ball safe at all costs to reach the end of the level. Try to time your landing perfectly to avoid bumping right into the obstacles. For your benefit, the enemies are either completely still, or even those that move have a specific pattern. So, study their movement before moving to have the best shot at the game. The design and experience of the game make it one of the bouncing ball games online. 

The design of the game is made so to make you really feel the adventure. At times, you will have to jump with no vision of what's next for you. There are various tricky turns, surprise enemies, etc., to really challenge you. Every level has a set number of golden hoops you need to jump across in order to complete the level. However, the size of the hoops vary throughout the level, and you need to adjust accordingly to get through. But we know you will make it through! All the best.

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