About Knight’s Diamond

Knight’s Diamond is a super interesting action game to play online. If you love action, you’ll surely have tons of fun playing the Knight’s Diamond game. It is one of the best fighting games online to put your action lover self to the test. All you have to do is choose your warrior and enter the dungeons for the best experience ever. Prepare yourself for a serious fight. The knight needs the diamond. However, there are enemy skeletons that stand between the two. You have to help the knight fight the obstacles with his mighty sword and reach the diamond. 

Knight’s Diamond game is fully action-packed, and you’ll definitely love it. Help the knight survive and reap a great reward. Grab the gold coins along the way and other rewards to survive this amazing adventure game. 

How to play:

You have to help the knight fight through all the obstacles and finally reach the diamond. There are enemy skeletons, spike pits, and floating platforms along the way. Help the knight fight the skeletons with his sharp sword and jump over the spike pits to avoid injuring him. Jump on the floating platforms to grab coins and break the treasure chests with the sword for extra rewards. So, make sure you leave no chest unopened! 

As you move through the levels, you’ll have to face stronger fighters and the abilities to fight them. One thing to note is that even if you fight every obstacle along the way, you can’t move to the next level unless you don’t have the diamond. As complicated as it sounds to play Knight’s Diamond, it’s definitely not! It’s super fun and engaging once you play it. So, what’s stopping you? Play it now!

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