About Shoot Angry Zombies

The Shoot Angry Zombies game puts your concentration & shooting skills to the real test. People love playing this shooting game a lot. This super cool animated game has angry zombies who have invaded your land, and you must be the hero and shoot them all. You even get to choose your avatar before the game begins for that little special touch. So, be ready with your weapons and stand strong to fight the invaders! You'll find amazing upgrades along the way. Just keep an eye out for them. Just jump, shoot and survive for long enough to complete the level! All the best.

How to play?

Controls for The Shoot Angry Zombies game are pretty easy. But the tricky part is, finding the right time to shoot and jump. Because if you don't jump at the correct time, you'll miss the coins. And, if you don't shoot at the precise time, you'll be defeated by the zombies. So, keeping the balance is most important here! 

However, lucky for you, there are ways to survive in Shoot Angry Zombies. Of course, you can use the never-failing revolver to shoot. You can even call for your horse to crush the zombies. Wait, it gets even better. You can also find and use some explosives to take out multiple zombies at once. And, if everything else doesn't work for you, you can always jump over the zombies. 

Once you know all this, you are pretty much good to go. One thing to note is that you require a certain amount of coins to go to the next level. So, play well and reach higher levels in The Shoot Angry Zombies game.

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