About Captain War: Monster Rage

The Captain War: Monster Rage game has 8 amazing levels for all the action lovers out there! And, if you are one of those, this game is for you! Captain War: Monster Rage is a very addictive action game that tests your reflexes in the best possible way. In the game, there is a captain warrior on a mission to fight the enemies. Here, the enemies are big bulky monsters that you have to fight and kill to win the levels.

The brave warrior has a gun to start with. However, when you shoot the wooden crates, you'll find amazing weapon upgrades. So, don't leave any crate unshot! You'll also find health kits to help the warrior power up and fight better. There are 8 levels and 2 roles Captain & Rocky, with some really cool features. That's quite enough. Let's look at how you should play The Captain War: Monster Rage game.

How to play?

It's quite simple to play The Captain War: Monster Rage game once you get the hang of it. Use the controller to move the warrior up, down, back, front, basically in any direction you want. Use the shoot button to shoot your shot at the enemies. It gets tricky when the enemies are coming at you from front and back. But, be still and time your shot perfectly or else game over. We bet once you start playing this action-adventure game, there will be no turning back! Start playing now! All the best.

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