About Monsters Up

Monsters Up is one of the best arcade games about a monster whose objective is to climb up blocks by hopping on each one of them. Right from the beginning, you’ll have to act quickly. In this free online game, there are wooden and concrete blocks sliding towards the monster. All you have to do is tap on the monster and hop him onto the block without getting him crushed. You must also make sure that each block is centered on the one below it, or else the tower will fall. 

One important thing to note is that the monster is quite delicate, and you must be careful while hopping him onto the blocks. Your job is to help the monster climb as many blocks as possible without getting crushed to reach the star and higher levels. Once the monster reaches the star, you’ll see an awesome sight- your monster will evolve and change color. 

How to play?

It is pretty straightforward to play the Monsters Up game. You just have to keep your actions quick and precise. Tap on the monster exactly when you know that he will land at the center of the block. Repeat the same for all the blocks until the monster reaches the star! Once he reaches the star, the blocks beneath will automatically straighten to help him move up. 

Make sure to keep an eye on the sliding blocks and make sure to lang the monster at the right time to avoid him losing his balance. Wondering what happens if he loses his balance? He will fall all the way down, and you’ll lose. So, it is quite important to keep your reactions precise and crisp for the best landing.  

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