About Piggy Night

This fun online arcade gamePiggy Night” is all about a super adorable pig who is lost all alone on a terrifying night. He wants to escape from the place, but there are multiple obstacles along the way. All you need to do is send the piggy flying from one floating orb to another and so on to help him escape. To fly the piggy to an orb, just tap on him, and it’s done! However, each orb is guarded by aliens who don’t want the piggy to escape. The piggy needs your help to find a way out of here! To keep climbing upward and help him get out of the place, you’ll need correct timing, skills, and, most importantly, concentration. Can you save the Piggy?

How to play?

In the Piggy Night game, the cruel aliens guarding the orbs follow a specific moving pattern. So, all you have to do is concentrate on the gap and see when the gap comes exactly in front of the orb. Once that happens, tap on the piggy, and BOOM, shoot your shot right in the orb. Make sure to keep a keen eye on the aliens and their movements to shoot the piggy inside the orb at the exact correct timing.

Collect shield and power speed along the way to make the piggy powerful and face the obstacles. Also, the more orbs the piggy crosses, the more you score! So, give your best and beat the best scores in this adventure game
Once you know all this, you are good to go!
Go save the Piggy!

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