About Run Panda Run

The Run Panda Run game is an action-packed arcade game about a cute panda brisk walking through the park on a beautiful day. You need to keep the panda on the move and avoid any obstacles that come along the way. This game is much more than just a panda running. There is jumping, flipping over obstacles like rocks, penguins, etc. You also get to grab coins for some extra points in this jumping game. Try and dodge all the hurdles on the way and collect maximum coins. Let’s see how much you can score! All the best. 

How to play?

The Run Panda Run game is all about testing your reflexes! Hence, you feel a specific thrill while you play this arcade game. You’ll not only have to face the hurdles but also huge gaps that will appear out of nowhere. Make sure to jump the panda at the right exact time, or else he will fall off, and GAME OVER! Tap on the screen to make the panda jump, and that’s it. But the trick is to be quick and very precise with the jump.

Keep your moves perfectly timed, as you’ll only have a few milliseconds to make a move. Also, don’t be a fool and trust the bridges. The panda is not very lightweight for the bridges to handle. Make sure to jump over them as well to avoid falling off. It’s the thrill that makes Run Panda Run one of the best arcade games of all time. Are you ready to show off your skills in the game now? Let’s go!

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