About Ninja Action 2

Ninja Action 2 is another fully action-packed arcade game where a fierce ninja is on a mission to climb up two never-ending walls. In this game, even a millisecond matters. It requires fast reflexes and quiz decision making. On the way up, the ninja has to dodge the obstacles and enemies and grab as many coins as possible to power up. It is indeed a super thrilling action game. It is extremely important to keep the timing right, or else the ninja will smash into the wall and fall off. Play this fun and engaging free game online to climb up the Ninja Action 2 game leaderboards!

How to play?

While the ninja is running up the two never-ending walls, tap on him to make him jump between walls and avoid crashing. Be very precise with the timing and help the ninja climb as high as possible. Keep an eye out for the obstacles and enemies along the way and jump the ninja to dodge them. The enemy ninjas will sprint towards the fierce ninja in groups. You must dodge them, or else the game is over! 

Once you get the hang of it, it is truly addictive and fun. It gets even more interesting as the ninja climbs upwards. Having good timing and quick decision making makes the game a little easier. So, if you have these skills, this game is for you! 

Moving up, grab coins, magnets, and other bonuses on the way. With precision and timing, you can definitely master this game and make your way well into Ninja Action 2 leaderboards!

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