About Caveman Adventures

Caveman Adventures is an action-adventure game and is super fun to play. The Caveman Adventures game is all about a caveman who is on a hunt for some juicy and delicious turkey. However, there are huge stones that are tumbling down upon him from the nearby cliffs. Your task is to help the caveman get his yummy food while dodging the stones coming at him. Make sure to not get the caveman squished under the stones, or else the game will be OVER! You even earn points for dodging the stones and collecting food. That's always a plus, right? Indulge in this arcade game and have the most thrilling experience ever. Get ready to run and eat the juicy turkey at the same time. 

How to play?

One thing to keep in mind is that the stones break into multiple pieces with every bounce! So be very careful with the movements as the number of pieces increase in number. The controls for the Caveman Adventures game are pretty simple. Tap and hold the caveman to control his actions to the left and right. Follow the same steps throughout to dodge and make your way under and around the stones to stay alive. You even get a huge bonus if you manage to stay alive for long. 

As the stones break into smaller pieces, it gets a bit tricky to survive. You need to be very careful of the moves you make because the caveman is your responsibility now. Caveman Adventures game puts your reflexes to the test, and let's see how well you can do in this! All the best.

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