About Guns & Bottles

Guns & Bottles is a super addictive bottle shooting game that puts your shooting and concentration skills to the test. It is one of the best shooting games to play. If you are confident about your shooting skills, then this game is for you! It has a series of levels going from easy to not so easy. The game's layout includes a spinning revolver in the middle area and a rectangular circuit around it with multiple bottles. Your job is to control the spinning revolver and shoot the bottles to bust them. Sounds pretty easy, right? One thing to note, It is important to be really precise with the shot, or else you'll miss the bottle.

If you are looking for arcade games online, then Guns & Bottles is for you! Kids and adults love this arcade game because it improves skills such as concentration and timing. It is really simple to play Guns & Bottles as long as you have good control and timing. 

How to play:

The controls in Guns & Bottles game are pretty simple as long as you have good timing. You are in control of the spinning revolver in the middle for every level, and you have to shoot the bottles moving around on the rectangular circuit. All you have to do is to tap on the revolver to shoot your shot at the bottle. Also, note that you only get six shots to complete each level.

For the most part, this sounds easy, right? But the tricky part is, you know that both the revolver and bottles are moving at all times. However, you also need to tackle the "kick" as well. For every shot you shoot, the revolver keeps spinning faster. Moreover, as the levels progress, you'll find red bottles that you must not shoot and even bosses! So, give your best shot and have fun with it.

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