Skate Rush Challenge

School memories are our best childhood memories, whether it's eating lunchbox before lunch or skating throughout the corridors. Based on your childhood memories, Hola games have brought this refreshing Skate rush challenge that will bring back all the old memories of school diaries.

Like all of us, Kick is a naughty kid who has decided to turn his school corridors into a real skating rink, fully confident that he will be the best with skateboarding and will reach the goal of each of the levels. You have to help the narcissistic Kick to control his skateboard and jump to avoid colliding with obstacles or colliding with friends on his way and reach the goal point where Kendall is waiting at each level.
He can only reach the next level if he wins the previous one without hitting any obstacle or student in the corridor.

Skateboard controls

  • To avoid Collision with obstacles and students, here are the simple tricks
  • For a Single jump- Right-click or Double tap on the screen
  • For Double Jump- Double click on the right button or tap on the screen

Final words

The Skate rush challenge gives you an opportunity to relive the story of your school corridors. The journey with Kick will be adventurous, fun, and crazy at the same time. 
Kick is in full mood to play it around. Are you ready to relive your childhood games?


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