About Crazy Balls

As the name suggests, the Crazy Balls game makes the players crazy about it when they play it. Crazy Balls are super fun and one of the best arcade games. In the game, there are numbered shapes and a ball. Your task is to aim at the shapes and destroy them with the ball. Sounds fun, right? It definitely is! People of all ages love this aiming game because of how amazing it is. Also, if you consider yourself good at aiming, you must play this game! That’s all about the basics. Let’s move on to how to actually play the Crazy Balls game.

How to play?

First things first, if you think you are good at aiming, you’ll find the Crazy Balls game much easier. There is a ball on the top middle part of the board. And in the middle area, you can see multiple numbered shapes. You have to shoot the ball at these shapes to wreck them and win the level. The numbers mentioned on the shapes denoted the number of times you need to hit it to destroy it. Lucky for you, the ball bounces and can hit more than one shape at the same time after being shot. That makes it more interesting and easier. 

Crazy Balls is a free to play arcade game and becomes more competitive as you move on to higher levels. Keep an eye on the numbers on the shapes to strategize your moves better and win quicker. The ultimate goal is to remove the shapes before they reach the top.

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