About Jumpy Kangaroo

In this Jumpy Kangaroo game, the main character is an adorable kangaroo who jumps all around the place. However, sometimes he gets quite carried away and forgets to land where he is supposed to. You need to help the kangaroo land on the poles. Keep the timing very precise in this game to avoid the kangaroo landing in the water and getting all wet! Try to keep the number of jumps and landings as high as possible to get a higher score. Just one thing before you start, keep an eye out for the red poles. They might give you a bad surprise. This super fun game is free to play online and is suitable for any age! 

How to play?

The Jumpy Kangaroo game is easy to play! Just control the kangaroo’s landing and try to time it perfectly to avoid falling in the water. Tap on the screen to help the kangaroo jump between the poles. The red poles are a little tricky. They keep moving and might end up throwing the kangaroo into the water. Try to land him on maximum poles to gain the highest scores. And if you reach a high score of 30, you have definitely mastered the game. 

If the kangaroo misses the pole and falls off into the lake, the game is over! So, try to keep the game going for long to gain great scores and be called the Jumping Kangaroo king! Have fun with this casual game Jumpy Kangaroo and don’t forget to check out other such fun games.

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