BlueGuy Escape

BlueGuy Escape is an online adventure game that is quite addicting. Attempt to escape from the obstacles by running as quickly as you can while eating fruits and earning points. To get even more benefits, you can collect the special objects.

In BlueGuy Escape, you must be the fastest and most adept at evading and jumping over obstacles. Run about and grab as much as you can to get a high score in this action-packed game. Throughout your journey, you will be faced with decisions that will have an effect on your final score. This is a game in which you must react and dodge really quickly in order to succeed. Discover the keys to improving your running performance.

Controls for the game

In this action-adventure game BlueGuy Escape, you must sprint and earn points by eating as many fruits as possible while avoiding obstacles by flipping up and down.

Concluding Remarks

BlueGuy Escape is one of the best adventure games for free in the Adventures genre, and it is often related with other trending online adventure games. This game has had many positive votes, zero bad reviews. It is a portrait-oriented game that can be played on both desktop and mobile devices via our Hola Games web portal.


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