Ski Safari

Ski Safari is a comical distance and a roller-skating game in which you must try to ski your way down the mountain. Ride down penguins, track down the yeti, and interact with a variety of animals along the way. This arcade-style roller skating game brings together animals, avalanches, and action in a thrilling adventure. In this amusing ice skating game, you may either ride your ski or discover a motor jet ski, or you can ride on the back of a yeti. Attempt to get as far down the mountain as you possibly can while avoiding the catastrophic avalanche! Perform backflips and collect coins to earn more points for your team. Complete a variety of milestones to raise your overall ranking! Have a good time!

Controls for the Game's Action

Prepare to ride downhill slopes at breakneck speeds and catch a lot of air in order to perform the craziest tricks possible on the mountain in this roller skating game. Prepare to race downhill slopes at breakneck speeds and pull off the boldest stunts in Ski Master right now!

  • Mouse for navigations
  • Jump with Space, hold to backflip with Hold, and tap rapidly to recover quicker with a tap.

The Bottom Line

Ski Safari, is a skating game to play that we have been looking forward to presenting to you, and has been available to play on for quite some time now. A skateboarder is trapped in an avalanche in this roller skating game, and you will need to help him escape. In addition, you must be extremely quick in order to avoid snow masses. You can start counting down the minutes until you get to play one of the best skateboarding games ever. It is your responsibility to control the speed and path of a skateboarder on a downhill course. You must collect prizes while skiing as well as when you are not skiing.


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