About Village story:

This Village story game requires you to think critically, often piecing together multiple problems and solutions at once to get everybody "on board." Village Story is an online strategy game. In the game, each level has different scenes, different rules. All the people, animals, and other things are crossing the river on the raft and crossing the other side of the river. Come and use your wisdom through every pass. This online mind game will keep you entertained and will make you use your full brainpower.

How to play:

A river is surrounding the town, it's convenient for those who need water, but not very much for folks who need to go outside. There are massive obstacles to worry about when they need to cross the river. Many influencing factors, like the raft, the relationship between each other, their weights, time, the kids, and much more, now your job is to carefully consider all the conditions and make a perfect solution for our people. You can always get a little help by the hints when you have no idea of how to solve it, but we believe you can make it, finally. Have fun in this mind game!

Aim for 3 stars ⭐⭐⭐

Here comes the challenge in this puzzle game. If you can get everyone across the river in four moves and two minutes, we want you to do it in three moves and one minute. That's what those stars are in Village Story – ratings! Three stars are the fastest and most efficient, and one star is the slowest.

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