Sniper Wolf Hunter

Hunting is an exciting vampire game that needs a high level of commitment and attention. For thousands of years, people have done so in order to survive. It is ingrained in their mind to be involved and to get joy from it. However, it has evolved into a sport in recent times. Get the same feeling without the need for extra brutality by playing this vampire game online. Develop into a cold-blooded professional trained to stalk and kill targets. Visit a virtual world filled with detailed and beautiful 3D environments. 

Investigate the behaviors of wild canine predators in order to have a better understanding of their behavior. No beast can escape the scope of a rifle held steadily in the hands of a skilled hunter.

How to Play?

  • This is a normal first-person shooter in terms of controls.
  • WASD is used to walk, Space is used to bounce, and Shift is used to sprint faster.
  • The mouse is used to look about, the left click is used to fire, and the right click is used to aim down sights.


Animals are no longer required to die for the entertainment of humans. Anyone may now enjoy guilt-free hunting in this vampire game online. This new vampire game is a bit as demanding and rewarding as the actual thing. The predators will have no idea what struck them. Let’s get playing?


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