Shark Hunting

Do you want to show your shooting skills and hunt some sharks down? Get on to the hunting ride with the Shark Hunting game online.
The Shark Hunter has decided to go deep down in the dead dark ocean and hunt down a group of deadly sharks who have killed all his fisherman friends. Will you be a part of the shark hunter’s journey and help him kill all the vicious monsters?
But here comes the twist. You have a limited source of weapons; on each level, you will earn some points that you can use to buy new weapons to kill the sharks. But, till then, one sniper gun and your shooting skill are all that can save you and kill the monsters.

Instructions to start the Shark Hunting

The instructions to play Shark Hunting are pretty easy-peasy.

  • On each level, hunt some sharks to jump onto next
  • Shot and kill the shark before it kills you
  • Use ‘L’ to lock or unlock the gun
  • To zoom- left, click on the mouse
  • Aim the target – by right click
  • Mouse scroll to change the weapon.

The Bottom Line 

Play the Shark Hunting online game now, and show the accurate shooter inside you! It’s time for the revenge of your fisherman friends Hunt.
Are you ready for revenge and a ferocious shark hunt?



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