Motor Bike Race

Motor Bike Race Game is a single-player extreme bike riding game with a thrilling forest experience. This game breaks the mould of usual motorbike games in which you race against other competitors and instead allows you to ride freely. 

Prepare yourself for an intense thrill ride in this forest-themed bike racing game online for free. The forest trail, of course, has many obstacles and humps to overcome. Can you make it through all of the tracks or will you end up crashing? Simply drive and explore! Have fun! 

Motor Bike Race Controls

The controls are intuitive and easy to grasp - use the WASD keys to accelerate, brake, and turn left and right. 

Motor Bike Race Gameplay

  • Your goal is to complete each level without crashing hitting or falling down the wooden logs.
  • This game is a huge amount of fun and doesn’t give you any pressure. Jump on your bike and blast your way towards each finish line but be careful! If you miss a single platform, you’ll crash and burn.


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