Idle Helloween

In this Idle Halloween game, you may upgrade your castle by adding floors, allowing you to enjoy your kingdom even more. You have been welcomed to a creepy vampire game where you must always strive to develop your company. The best thing to do in this situation is to maintain control of your mouse or touch controls and earn money for each click. By expanding your castle, you may create your own Halloween kingdom. Let's see how far you can go?

How to Play?

The labels next to each item indicate the things you must acquire in order to unlock or clone that particular item. 
The inventory tabs at the top and bottom of the screen display the objects you currently have in your possession.


Are you a fan of vampire games online? Come check out this new vampire game which will surround you in this incredible game. Creepy skeletons, frightening pumpkins, ghosts, and bats, among other monsters, await you here. The purpose of this vampire game online is to earn rewards every click in order to build a spooky empire! 

Begin by picking pumpkins and amassing skulls and other spooky stuff. As you go through this game, you'll be building more levels and expanding this area to the largest it's ever been in the Halloween Idle universe!


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