City Police Cars

City Police Cars is a new and exciting police car game online that is fast paced and full of action. As a recent graduate of the police academy, you'll be required to participate in high-speed pursuit training in order to learn how to drive quickly in incredibly detailed super cars.

The high-octane thrill of a racing game will have you racing against other police cars on a free amazing race track. Progressing through this police car game online is dependent on placing first in each race; otherwise, you will have to start over from the beginning of the game. With every two victories, you will be awarded with brand new, ultra-fast, and ultra-cool surprises!

Gameplay Benefits

  • Controls that are intuitive, including touch and tilt controls.
  • Challenging racers to compete against.
  • Multiple camera views for the best viewing experience
  • Players are immersed in realistic sounds.
  • A realistic driving experience.

Concluding Remarks

In this police car game online you can race around and attempt to rocket your vehicle to dizzying heights while drifting over sand and asphalt until your tyres are completely worn out. In this game, there are no restrictions on your speeding imagination, so go wild and have fun. City Police Cars are one of our finest selection of police car games online, in which players compete in a variety of different police vehicles against other officers on the open road. Make sure to check out the game today!


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