Cars Vs. Zombies

What could be more fun than killing zombies with cars?
With the ' Car vs. Zombies ' online zombie game, you can relish the taste of both Zombie and driving games.
It is a fun HTML5 zombie hunt game that will be the prior-most choice for all Zombie game lovers.

Cars Vs. Zombies: Park your car without leaving a kill trace

Cars vs. Zombies is a 2D zombie-themed Zombie game. The game’s goal will be to mow down the three zombie friends on the screen by touching nearby cars.
But there’s a twist.
You have to move the car towards the zombies to kill them and stop when needed; If the car hits the wall or falls off the road, you will lose the game.

In simple words, you have to push the brakes at the right stop to save your truck and move on to the next level.

How to play Cars Vs. Zombie online game

  • Click the car to make it move.
  • To earn a medal, stop the car in the parking area.
  • The arrow sign will automatically change the direction of the car
  • If your car flips or falls during the game, you will lose the game.

‘Cars Vs. Zombies’ is a tricky online zombie game where you have to click at the right time and place. One miss, and you are back at the next level.
Click on the ‘Play’ button to intensify your gaming levels.


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