Ball Merge 2048

Ball Merging 2048 is a fun 3D online merge game featuring 2048 gameplay and balls. To increase your number, keep control of the ball and gather similar balls. To dodge spikes on the road and gather balls, use the keyboard or mouse. To earn the maximum score on the level, you must get the number 2048. Have fun playing the game on Hola Games!

Playing Instructions

  • Control your constantly moving ball by tapping and swiping.
  • To level up the ball, combine balls of the same number and color.
  • Be cautious of road spikes, since they can drop your ball level.
  • Spikes and balls will be present in each stage.Β 
  • To collect the reward, you must conquer all obstacles and cross the finish line.

Features of The Game

  • Make hats for your ball and decorate them.
  • Change the skin of your favorite ball.
  • A diverse gaming screen with a variety of terrains to test your skills.

Concluding Remarks

Ball Merge 2048 is an online merge game that we personally chose for It is a game about connecting balls. The game is one of our favorite online merge games, and we can't seem to stop playing it. To begin having fun, simply click on the large play button on the screen!


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