Advertisement is an online shooting game filled with adventure, thriller, and fun. You’ll be a soldier fighting for your life and killing the enemies with weapons. This online shooting game is crazy when it comes to modes and weapons. You can choose your mode according to the battle and win the war with various weapons and grenades. So whether you’re new to the game or an experienced person, get your eyes on the enemy and start shooting because if you don’t, you will get yourself killed in the next moment. 

Be the soldier and save yourself in this free online shooting game. Let us tell you how?

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move around locating your target.
  • to fire to aim.
  • to slide while moving to run.
  • <1> to change weapon to interact / pick up weapon.
  • to throw available dynamite to use available medkit.
  • to chat to toggle cursor lock to crouch Hold.
  • to show scoreboard to pause.

It is the best online shooting game with fantastic sound and graphics. You can always shop and upgrade your weapons with the coins collected so that you can kill more enemies within time. Gear yourself up for the battle and shoot the bad guys!


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